In a quirky twist to beat the taxman, octogenarian buddies Michael O’Sullivan and his friend Matt are set to say “I do” – not for love, but to outsmart a hefty inheritance tax. The plot? Matt wants O’Sullivan to inherit his home without losing a third to taxes, so they’re opting for a legal loophole: marriage.

Their friendship, spanning three decades, isn’t about romance, but a practical solution to ensure O’Sullivan gets Matt’s belongings hassle-free. As O’Sullivan puts it, “We’re not in love! I’m just making sure my friend’s wishes are met without the taxman’s interference.”

While their children are on board, this ‘marriage for convenience’ has tongues wagging, raising questions about the legality of such arrangements. As they delay the ceremony due to weather, this oddball tale showcases that in Ireland, friendship and tax evasion might just go hand in hand!


These Two Straight Guys Are Planning to Get Married to Avoid High Inheritance Tax