In the world of coffee, where beans are usually hand-picked and roasted, there’s a brew that’s breaking all the rules, thanks to the unexpected culinary contributions of Jacu birds. These rare, pheasant-like creatures have turned coffee farming into a treasure hunt for their peculiar poop, and one Brazilian plantation owner couldn’t be happier, or wealthier!

When Henrique Sloper de Araújo’s coffee plantation was invaded by these feathered freeloaders, he faced a unique challenge. Instead of shooing them away, he turned to an unusual inspiration – kopi luwak, coffee made from civet excrement. Now, his workers embark on a scavenger hunt for Jacu bird poop, collecting coffee cherries that have been pre-processed by these discerning birds.

The result? Jacu bird coffee, boasting a distinctive nutty flavor with sweet aniseed undertones, and a price tag that will make you spill your morning brew. Curious about this avian-inspired java? Click to learn more about the feathered gourmet critics and their unique contribution to the world of coffee!


Jacu Bird Coffee – From Bird Poop to Gourmet Delicacy