In a world obsessed with smartphones, where we risk tripping into fountains or manholes while texting, one ingenious industrial design student has created a solution that’s as hilarious as it is innovative. Meet Minwook Paeng and his “Third Eye” – a forehead-mounted tech marvel that lets you text and walk without the pratfalls.

Paeng’s creation is a translucent plastic contraption affixed to your forehead, with gyroscopic and sonar sensors inside. When you glance down at your phone, the Third Eye opens its eyelid and scans for obstacles. If danger’s near, it sounds a buzzer to save you from smartphone-induced mishaps.

But the Third Eye is just the beginning of Paeng’s vision for our smartphone-infused future. With “phono sapiens” on the rise, he believes our smartphone habits may reshape humanity itself. Prepare for a hilarious journey into the quirky world of the Third Eye and the future of smartphone evolution!


Designer Creates Wearable Third Eye That Lets You Walk Safely While Looking at Your Phone