In a recent Twitter thread, people shared amusing anecdotes about misunderstandings related to women’s health.

User @brownandbella started the conversation with the question, “Ladies, can you share funny moments when someone misunderstood sex, reproductive health, or menstruation?”

The thread received over 20,000 likes and delivered some lighthearted tales.

One woman remembered a friend’s innocent curiosity about why blood flows during menstruation.

Another story involved a charming mix-up when a man believed women couldn’t have an orgasm the first time due to emotional reasons.

One parent playfully mistook his daughter’s puberty changes as signs of her growing up too quickly.

There was even a hilarious tale of a man who thought the G-spot shifted around like a hidden treasure.

A surprising comment came from an anesthetist who had an unconventional perspective on pain relief during childbirth, sparking interesting discussions.

This thread showcased humorous moments of misunderstanding on women’s health in a concise and inclusive manner.


Women confess ‘dumbest’ things men have ever said to them about sex and periods