Picture this: you’re in a doctor’s office, squirming in embarrassment over a certain delicate issue. It’s bad enough that we Brits have an uncanny ability to avoid any discussion involving our nether regions, even when seeking medical help. But now, imagine you’re facing an injury that’s not only uncomfortable but also hilariously cringeworthy, all because you got a bit too adventurous in the bedroom.

Well, hold onto your hats (or other essential garments), because we’re about to dive into a collection of stories that take awkwardness to a whole new level. On Reddit, medical professionals revealed absurd self-inflicted “down there” injuries their patients tried to pass off as innocent accidents. Brace yourselves – these tales involve peculiar objects, questionable decisions, and creative explanations that will leave you both wincing and chuckling. Let’s embark on a hilariously awkward journey into the world of mishaps that defy explanation!

Medical staff reveal ridiculous excuses patients gave for weird sex injuries