While most chase after six-pack abs, the Bodi tribe in Ethiopia takes a different route – the road to belly greatness! Forget crunches, they celebrate with the Ka’el Festival, where the one with the mightiest belly reigns supreme.

Picture this: a months-long journey of downing cow’s milk, raw blood, and honey. These guys trade the treadmill for liters of protein-rich concoctions, even if it means some belly-induced vomiting.

When festival day hits, it’s a belly parade like no other. Covered in clay and ashes, men flaunt their round achievements for a shot at being crowned the “fat man of the year.” And the prize? Respect and a place in local legend.

So, while the world aims for flat tummies, the Bodi tribe proves that sometimes, a little extra belly can earn you a big spot in history.

Bodi, the African Tribe Where Men Compete in a Fattening Contest