Oops-a-daisy, Doc! When it comes to botched surgeries, it’s usually just a broken bone or a stubborn appendix causing the trouble. But hold onto your stethoscopes, because in the wacky world of medical mishaps, we’ve got a tale that’ll have you scratching your head and reaching for your wallet. Meet Dr. Diego Naranjo, a Colombian doctor who thought he had the snip-snip all figured out with a vasectomy that was supposed to be the ultimate contraceptive solution. But little did he know, his surgical skills played Cupid in a truly unexpected way! Grab your popcorn as we dive into the story of how a failed vasectomy, a reluctant father, and a surprise baby turned a doctor’s office into a courtroom drama that’s equal parts ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Judge Judy’!

Doctor Ordered to Financially Support Patient’s Baby After Botched Vasectomy