In the realm of ‘hold my circuit board,’ we introduce the Thermonator – a fiery concoction that marries a nimble quadruped robot, the Unitree Go1, with an ARC Flamethrower. Imagine a dog-sized robot, armed with a 30-foot stream of blazing fuel. If you thought fetch was fun, wait till you see it set the yard on fire – metaphorically speaking, of course.

Crafted by the minds behind compact electric flamethrowers, this dynamic duo promises a spectacle that’s part pyrotechnics, part mechanical marvel. But before you rush to sign up, remember this flamethrowing furball isn’t just child’s play. Eager fire starters can join the waitlist, with shipping expected in late 2023.

While pricing remains a mystery, the Unitree Go1 and its fiery counterpart offer a ballpark estimate. Just be sure to add insurance – because mastering a flamethrower-wielding robodog is all fun and games until your hedges start doing a samba

Soon You Can, but Really Shouldn’t, Pre-Order This Flame-Throwing Robodog