In the wacky world of education, where “showing up” usually tops the syllabus, meet Cinzia Paolina De Lio – the vanishing virtuoso. Picture this: out of 24 teaching years, she’s a no-show for a whopping 20. Forget a magic wand; she waved her way through with a flurry of creative excuses, from maternity leave to “assisting” distant relatives.

But the curtain had to fall eventually. After a stint of “random and improvised” teaching, even the Supreme Court joined the final bow, waving her offstage with a diploma in “disorganized disapparition.”

Cinzia’s battle cry? A vow to prove her innocence, issued from a beachside haven. Oh, the pursuit of truth, with a side of sunshine.

As the tale unfolds, one brave student chimed in, debunking her myth. “She never had continuity: she came for a few days and then took long periods of sick leave,” they confessed. Ah, the grand disappearing act – a show better left to the illusionists

School Professor Who Missed Work for 20 Years Out of 20-Year Career Finally Fired