Move over, human caregivers! Nadine, the social robot with human-like features and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is ready to take on the task of tending to the sick and elderly. According to Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, the robot expert and model for Nadine’s appearance, these AI-powered robots could prove to be more effective than their human counterparts. With 24 hours of availability and an array of skills, Nadine is ready to revolutionize the caregiving industry. As global competition for human caregivers intensifies, some believe that humanoid robots like Nadine could alleviate staffing crises in care homes. But can these robots truly provide the care and empathy that humans offer? Join us as we explore the potential of Nadine and her robot companions in the world of caregiving while contemplating the hilarious scenarios of bingo-playing robots and robot “pets” helping with dementia patients. Are we on the brink of a robot takeover, or is this just the beginning of a robotic caregiving revolution? Let’s find out!

AI robots could play future role as companions in care homes