Tom Cruise, the legendary actor known for his daring stunts and intense performances, recently opened up about a significant milestone in his career. As the 40th anniversary of the beloved film “Risky Business” approaches, Cruise revealed that the movie played a pivotal role in shaping his trajectory as an actor. In a light-hearted conversation with Access Hollywood, he couldn’t help but address the unforgettable scene where his character, Joel, dances in his underwear. With a touch of humor, Cruise confessed that even after four decades, he still has a soft spot for that old-time rock and roll, and the memories associated with that iconic moment. Join us as we delve into Cruise’s hilarious anecdotes about the behind-the-scenes work that went into creating that pants-less dance sequence, and how “Risky Business” became a transformative experience for the budding actor. Get ready for a trip down memory lane, complete with socks, slides, and a young Tom Cruise grooving to the rhythm of success.

Tom Cruise ‘still’ dances in underwear like his ‘Risky Business’ character