Prepare to have your mind bent like a basketball hoop, as basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal takes an unexpected leap from the court to the realm of astrophysics. In a recent revelation that left scientists scratching their heads, Shaq boldly declared that satellite imagery is nothing more than a colossal fake! Yes, folks, you heard it right. The man known for his slam dunks is now slam-dunking our understanding of the world into a whole new dimension. Join us on this cosmic comedy adventure as we unravel the mind-boggling theories, explore the curvature of Earth (or lack thereof), and discover why Shaq’s take on satellite imagery might just send you spinning like a basketball on the tip of your finger. Get ready to laugh your way through the cosmos with a dose of Shaq-sized hilarity!

Shaquille O’Neal: ‘The world is flat and satellite imagery is fake’