What the heck is a memristor and why should you care?

“Memristors, or memory resistors, are essentially switches that can remember which electric state they were toggled to after their power is turned off.”

But apparently they are very good at emulating neurons, which means they can run Artificial Intelligence applications.

At 1/800th of the power.

That is very impressive.

“The researchers use an array of about 150 of these components to implement a kind of neural network that operated using only binary signals. In experiments, it could recognize handwritten digits with roughly 97 percent accuracy.”

“The new circuit performed handwriting recognition using 1/800th to 1/5,000th the energy of a conventional computer processor, suggesting “that memristors are a highly promising lead to provide low-energy consumption artificial intelligence.”

Think about something that can run on the small amount of energy that the human body can generate. This is actually a pretty impactful development.

Memristors Run AI Tasks at 1/800th Power – These brain-mimicking devices boast tiny energy budgets and hardened circuits