This is thin and flexible solar power, you can roll it up or roll it out. You can paste it, you can conform it, you can step on it, you can wear it as a hat.

And you will get solar power from everywhere.

“MIT researchers have made solar panels thinner than human hair that provide 18 times as much power per kilogram as today’s glass and silicon-based solar panels. These solar cells are in fact one-hundredth the weight of conventional photovoltaics.”

Imagine having 500 square feet producing 5kw of power. You could do a decent job of charging your electric vehicle in a couple of hours if you are in a high sunlight area.

This, or something like it, will be very important in the world of renewable energy.

Paper-Thin Solar Makes Any Surface Photovoltaic – Unroll this solar carpet onto a roof—or any other surface that sees sunlight