This is a handy article on flirting in person afeter being couped up and careful after the whole Covid thing.

Here are some excerpts of the article.

“Calling something out and saying, ‘Hey, this is my first time actually meeting up with somebody in a while,’ or ‘I feel like I’m a little rusty’…it’s very likely that the other person will say, ‘Oh, me too,'” said Ury. “You’re actually starting from a place of connection.”

“When flirting, don’t put the entire onus on the other person to drive the conversation. “Initiating with energy and specificity is a good way to go,” said Tanner. Instead of just “hi” or “how are you,” you can share specifics about why you walked over — if it’s safe to do so, say, if you’re at an all-vaccinated party or the other person said it’s OK to talk without masks — or give a specific (non-sexual) compliment.”

I never claimed to be an expert on flirting, but these seem a bit weak. Go ahead and read, you might find something that works for you.

And by the way, the main photo really looks like these people should not be flirting with each other.

How do I flirt in person again?