The EU owes Poland “recovery” funds. But they have frozen those payments. Apparently this is pressure on Poland to chose the “right” government.

And this has happened before, in Greece and Italy.

“I will not implement any responses to suggestions from that side [the European Commission],” said Polish president Duda. “I do not believe that further meeting the expectations of the other side will bring any results. I believe that too much goodwill has been shown on the Polish side”

“To my knowledge, we met all the conditions to receive money from the [pandemic recovery fund],” he continued. “Our spending plan was approved. I understand that we are waiting for the payment of what we are owed.”

There is much more to the story, but it looks like there is a growing movement, both in the EU and in Poland to encourage Poland to exit the EU.

The EU Is Driving ‘Polexit’

“We’ve shown too much goodwill to EU” and further compromise is futile, says Polish president