You could be part of the “vampire court” in New Orleans. The guy in the photo is the king of the vampire court.

Are they sucking blood? Apparently some of them do, but only with consent. Many of them sport the longer canines.

You could move to Georgia and be part of the Atlanta Vampire Alliance. They have a mailing list and everything.

“Human vampires live, and they’re fairly far from the fictional creatures we recognize. Their interpretations of vampirism vary widely – many of them feed off of energy or sexual encounters – but feeding habits and fangs are just the trappings of a community that is as diverse as it is misunderstood by non-vampires. You may not even know they’re a vampire at all, at least not if you’re searching for the stereotypical tip-offs. There are no restrictions for self-identifying vampires – they’re not bound to nocturnal life or required to worship fictional vampires.”

Inside the world of real-life vampires in New Orleans and Atlanta