They are defining “sexless” as less than four times per year.

“It’s become a shorter amount of time in which [couples] become sexless,” believes San Francisco-based sex therapist Celeste Hirschman, who’s been seeing clients for about 20 years. Anecdotally, she used to see it take around 10 to 15 years for couples to stop having sex with each other. “Now, it’s maybe taking three to five,” she says.

On of the “experts” is saying that “stress” is an issue. I say bullshit. Stress is not any worse for the Millenial generation than it was for any previous generation. They claim that Millenials are workaholics. I say bullshit again.

I do remember something about generational differences in testosterone levels. Not sure if it is true.

I think it is up to us pre-Millenial generations to make this up by showing the Millienials how to have sex. Any of you Millenial female types want to be first? Give me a shout!

The millennials in sexless marriages – Millennials should be at their sexual prime. Why are so many couples reporting major dry spells?