Steve Bannon, a former Trump advisor at the White House, and former CEO of Breitbart, a conservative publishing company has been sentenced to four months in jail and a $6500 fine.

He was charged with “contempt for Congress” for ignoring a subpoena to testify at the January 6th demonstration hearings.

I’m kind of right there with him, I have a lot of “contempt” for Congress.

In case you don’t know the background of this, let me give you my own thoroughly biased (but absolutely correct) interpretation of events.

There was a big crowd that protested the Democrats and the cheating in the election of 2020. It was not a riot. If you actually watch the videos (the ones that the Jan 6 Committee showed to America) without the liberal bias, you will see that there was no “riot” and in fact was much more peaceful than most rock concerts. And considerably more peaceful than a European soccer match.

But the Democrats have formed this investigative committee, pretending that it is “bipartisan” and they are using it to attack Trump supporters. It is dispicable.

I hate these people and think they are ridiculous.