Disgraced former CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo admits he has a drinking problem but claims he is “not an alcoholic.”

During one of his recent podcasts discussing mental health issues in America, Cuomo revealed that he drinks “too much” but insisted he’s not “an alcoholic.” 

Cuomo, who starts a new gig at NewsNation on Oct. 3 after he was fired by CNN last year, admitted that he often turns to alcohol as a coping mechanism.

“Too often, I think, we avoid dealing with things. So here’s a little bit of my story. I take my body and — my diet can suck. I drink too much,” Cuomo said. “I’m thinking about that, mostly in terms of why I drink too much. I’m probably what people in the sobriety community would call a ‘normie’ but a hard drinker.”

“I’m not saying I’m an alcoholic,” Cuomo added. “I don’t believe in abusing those terms, but it’s something I’ve had to think about, and it’s something that I am thinking about, and it’s something that I’m dealing with because my mental health has become an increasing aspect of my self-concern about how I can be my best. I really believe that, you know, where your head is, is where your life goes.”

My message to Chris? Stop being an asshole, it will solve a lot of your problems.