Planets outside of our solar system, or “exoplanets” have been found for a number of years. But planets that could be of the size of Earth and potentially suitable to host humans, have been too small to locate.

“An international team of scientists, led by Laetitia Delrez, astrophysicist at the University of Liège, has just announced the discovery of two ‘super-Earth’ type planets orbiting LP 890-9.  Also known as TOI-4306 or SPECULOOS-2, this small, cool star located about 100 light-years from our Earth is the second coolest star around which planets have been detected, after the famous TRAPPIST-1.”

These planets are about 30-40% larger than Earth, which means that you might be a bit heavier there than on Earth (depending on density – the planet’s not yours…). They orbit much closer to their sun, but the radiation of their sun is much lower. There is a possibility of liquid water.

That is a heck of a lot to know from 100 light years.

Will we there? It would take a long time to get there, maybe several hundred years. Unless of course, we discover warp drive. Then the Vulcans can just tell us about it.

SPECULOOS discovers a potentially habitable super-Earth