Actor Armie Hammer has been accused of all kinds of things and it appears to have ruined his career. His life is being played out in the media. He has been dropped by his agent, and several good roles have been lost.

On one hand, live by the sword, die by the sword. If your livelihood comes from being famous, your downfall can come the same way.

But for Christ’s sake let’s look at the charges.

Ex-wife. Can there be anyone more biased or with more ulterior motives than an ex-wife? She alleges “sexual violence.” It is the one charge she knows that a) will destroy her ex-husband, b) wlll be believed by everyone and c) can not be disproven. She was married to him for 10 years and she is talking about it now? After the divorce?

The article says “Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison sharing troubling text messages and voice notes, allegedly from Hammer. He seemed to give explicit descriptions of his sexual fantasies involving cannibalism, rape and bondage.”

Hmmm. First of all sexual fantasies are not illegal. Nowhere does anyone say that any of the sex was not consensual.

Second, the “100% a cannibal” remark could be any guy letting his girlfriend know that she is in for a wild (consensual) time tonight. It does NOT mean that he literally consumes human flesh. Of course as part of a narrative it certainly seems extreme. But guys say this kind of bullshit all the time.

Third, these are two girlfriends out of how many? Dozens? Can you date that many women without pissing off a couple?

Fourth, out of the dozens he has likely dated, could it possibly be that these two have some ambitions for which they need publicity? Again, there were no accusations of anything other than consensual sex.

And then of course you have Aunt Casey, a bitter old crone who has an axe to grind and is promoting a “docuseries” about the family. Both she and Disney should be ashamed of themselves for taking advantage of Armie’s problems to make a buck (and make no mistake, this docuseries would not have happened without Armie’s fame).

I hate it when someone is lynched in the media like this, where (apparently to me) unfounded accusations are reported and have real consequences to someone’s career.

But then again, live by the sword (fame…), die by the sword.

Armie is doing the right thing though, he has disappeared into “treatment” to get “rehabilitated.” This formula has worked for many, and Hollywood seems to always buy it.

Armie Hammer’s aunt Casey weighs in on ‘cannibal’ texts: ‘You don’t wake up one day and become a monster’