I’m not a big fan of facial recognition, seems to be a tool of big brother to me.

The hackers are trying to defeat facial recognition, but in this case their efforts are really designed to help companies do this better.

I know this is a serious problem in crime, but I almost root for the bad guys here.

From the article:

Scammers recently managed to trick facial recognition software used by identity verification company ID.me to verify fake driving licenses as part of a US $2.5 million unemployment fraud scheme, and in China criminals managed to launder $77 million by using manipulated photos to dupe software used by local tax authorities.

“It’s very easy and fast to do for attackers with enough motivation,” says Neelou. “Our engagements show that some of the best facial recognition vendors demonstrate little to no security against adversarial input modifications.”

Hackers Compete To Confound Facial Recognition – DEF CON challenge organizers hope to spur better security in the industry