Car have built in GPS units, we all know that, it is obvious because we have the mapping and navigation systems.

But did you know that these locations are sent back to the manufacturer who shared them with a lot of other folks?

Apparently Tesla is a big abuser. And they are not afraid to dig this information out when it suits their purposes. We are talking location data of billions of journeys made in tens of millions of vehicles.

According to the IEEE article:

“Back in Florida, Tesla recently faced a negligence lawsuit after two young men died in a fiery car crash while driving a Model S belonging to a father of one of the accident victims. As part of its defense, the company submitted a historical speed analysis showing that the car had been driven with a daily top speed averaging over 90 miles per hour (145 kilometers per hour) in the months before the crash. This information was quietly captured by the car and uploaded to Tesla’s servers. (A jury later found Tesla just 1 percent negligent in the case.)”

Apparently the other car companies do not collect the volume of information that Tesla does. But the capability is there.

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