This is a very ambitious plan by the Saudis, called the Mirror Project. I’m not really sure of the point, by they plan to build a single structure taller than the empire state building and 75 miles long. They plan this trillion dollar FINISHED by 2030.

It will hold 5 million people and residents will be able to travel end to end in 20 minutes.

According to the Daily Mail:

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced in January 2021 and said he wanted to be greater than the Egyptian Pyramids

The Mirror Line will consist of two 1,600 feet tall buildings that run parallels to each other and go across desert, mountains, and coastal areas 


Now, my opinion.

This is exceedingly stupid.

There is not enough industry in the area to support 5 million people.

It will more than likely become the greatest slum the world has ever seen. Power and water will die quickly. People will occupy the bottom 10 floors.

It will never be finished. Whatever is finished in 2030 will be wrecked by 2040.

Inside Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Build a Skyscraper That Stretches for 75 Miles – Designers of the Mirror Line propose two parallel structures traversing mountains and desert as part of a futuristic development to transform the kingdom

Reflected glory! Saudi Arabia unveils plans for $1 trillion 75-MILE long desert skyscraper called the Mirror Line that will be taller than the Empire State Building and house up to five million