It is true. When the Spanish Conquistadors made it to what is now Mexico and encountered the Aztecs, they were amazed at how clean the cities and the people were.

Of course, the Aztecs liked to cut people’s hearts out, so you might not have wanted to go there as a tourist.

This is a great article. Some of the features:

They Had Intricate Canal Systems To Transport Clean Potable Water Around Communities
Many Aztec Homes Were Equipped With Steam Baths Called Temazcal
Aztecs Created Natural Soaps And Detergents From Several Local Plants
A Clean Face And Clean Clothes Were Essential For Maintaining Purity And Finding A Husband
Health Care On The Front Lines Was Praised By Spanish Observers
They Used Perfumes And Deodorants To Eliminate Foul Odors
Public Workers Collected ‘Night Soil’ Daily Since It Was Unlawful For People To Dump Sewage Into Lakes And Streams
Feasts Started And Ended With Clean Hands

If I were transported back in time, I think I would prefer here rather than Europe. Just sayin’

What Was Hygiene Like In The Aztec Empire?