Zuckerbergs Meta is working feverishly to get to the Metaverse, the virtual reality world. To this end he is working on the problems of presenting visually a world that is 100% defined by software. According to the roadtovr.com article and as outlined in the video, the four primary problems are:

  • Varifocal: the ability to focus on arbitrary depths of the virtual scene, with both essential focus functions of the eyes (vergence and accommodation)
  • Distortion: lenses inherently distort the light that passes through them, often creating artifacts like color separation and pupil swim that make the existence of the lens obvious.
  • Retina resolution: having enough resolution in the display to meet or exceed the resolving power of the human eye, such that there’s no evidence of underlying pixels
  • HDR: also known as high dynamic range, which describes the range of darkness and brightness that we experience in the real world (which almost no display today can properly emulate).

Meta Reveals VR Headset Prototypes Designed to Make VR ‘Indistinguishable From Reality’