So what happens when we have a nuclear war, we go into full Matrix world mode and there is no sunlight for growing plants.

UC Riverside and the University of Delaware seem to have a solution. They have “convinced” some plants to grow in total darkness.

To be technical, they used a two-step process to convert carbon dioxide, electricity and water into acetate. Plants consumed the acetate and were able to grow in the dark.


Apparently, since plants only use 1% of the sunlight they encounter, you could get a whole lot more plants growing by using a solar panel generating electricity and to power this process, and grow a lot more plants per square inch than in the usual way.


Not really, it is actually a bit scary. I wonder if the plants would even be green? (And I don’t like green vegetables, but you all know how I’m scared of Orwellian change…)

But this is just now starting so it is a ways off before we can tell John Deere to stop making tractors because we can grow 10 acres worth of food in my garage.

You can read the study linked below, but unless you speak Botologian, it may be unintelligible for you.

Scientists Invent Way to Grow Plants in Complete Darkness- That could really come in handy.

A hybrid inorganic–biological artificial photosynthesis system for energy-efficient food production