This is not a revolution in just ears. It is a revolution in growing 3D body parts that can be grown from your owns so that they are perfectly compatible with your, i.e. no rejections.

Medicine can already extrude certain parts from living cells to create implants like airway splints, heart valves, and spinal discs. But this was the first 3D printed transplant from living tissue.

“Doctors took a nib of tissue from her deformed right ear, plus a 3D scan of her healthy left ear. Scientists at 3DBio HQ in Long Island City, N.Y., then extracted cartilage-forming cells from her biopsy, grew huge numbers of those cells in the lab, and mixed the cells with a collagen-based “bioink” for loading into a proprietary printer.”

This is a simple and homogeneous implant. More complex organs are down the road a bit.

Seems to me with a combination of this and organs grown in pigs, doctors will be able to replace most of my parts very soon. I will definitely reach my goal of living to 400 years.

Landmark Transplant Turns 3D Bioprinting on Its Ear – A reconstructed ear made of living cells could herald a new era of 3D-printed organs