I hate this article.

This woman writes the story about how she is with a guy she picked up at a dance joint, she is repulsed by him, she doesn’t want to be here.

The guy takes here to a hotel room. She doesn’t object, all she would have to do is say “turn the car around, take me home.” He isn’t forcing her, in fact she says that she “feigned passion.”

Her therapist tells her “Well, of course. You were raped.” And that is the theme of the article.

This makes me angry. Rape implies a criminal and a victim. You can’t “fool” someone into committing rape. And if she ever names the guy and accuses him of rape, she ruins his life, even though he did nothing of the kind.

This woman has mental issues. If she doesn’t have the common sense (I won’t say “guts” because that implies that it is hard or unusual) to object when she doesn’t want to have sex, then she cannot claim that she was raped. She’s not a victim of rape, she is a victim of her own immaturity. If anyone is responsible, it is her parents who failed to turn her into an adult.

This is the kind of “metoo” crap that liberals push on you.

‘I Gave Consent For Sex I Didn’t Want to Have’