This really was the first computer, the first non-human calculator. And it ran on steam.

From the article:

It was an idea born of frustration, or at least that’s how Charles Babbage would later recall the events of the summer of 1821. That fateful summer, Babbage and his friend and fellow mathematician John Herschel were in England editing astronomical tables. Both men were founding members of the Royal Astronomical Society, but editing astronomical tables is a tedious task, and they were frustrated by all of the errors they found. Exasperated, Babbage exclaimed, “I wish to God these calculations had been executed by steam.” To which Herschel replied, “It is quite possible.“

I wish I had been there. I’m a genius, I could have contributed to it.

Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine Turns 200 – Error-riddled astronomical tables inspired the first computer—and the first vaporware

Charles Babbage