According to the Wall Street Journal, a group of lawyers is working to free Happy, an 8500 lb elephant who lives at the Bronx zoo. Her lawyers have filed a writ of habeas corpus saying she is a legal person

“The elephant is being imprisoned against her will,” said lawyer Steve?n Wise, who represents Happy. “For more than 40 years she has been kept as a prisoner.”

All of this is being done by the nonprofit Nonhuman Rights Project, which has represented whales, chimpanzees and dolphins who they argue have the complex cognitive abilities and autonomy to merit legal personhood. They are making some progress. Ecuador’s constitution gives “pachamama,” which translates to “Mother Earth,” a legally enforceable right to exist and flourish.

In my own humble opinion, these people are idiots. They have no idea what chaos and costs will occur if they start giving “presonhood” to non-human animals, plants, etc.

But that is the point. They have their radical green agenda and this is the way to attempt to force it upon the rest of the world.

Sorry, Happy, but I’m against you. But then again, you have no idea that these assholes are exploiting you for their own purposes, so you don’t really care, do you?