No, not mice that go to church.

These are mice conceived without the benefit of a male mouse sire.

Please don’t tell any human women about this. They already control half the money and all of the sex in the world. Surely they still need us for this!

And by the way, it apparently doesn’t need a mother either, the females that gave birth are referred to as “foster mothers.”

I’m betting they all grow up to be Democrats….

Want the whole story? Fine, you asked for it”

“In mammals, a new life starts with the fusion of an oocyte and a sperm cell. Parthenogenesis, a way of generating offspring solely from female gametes, is limited because of problems arising from genomic imprinting. Here, we report live mammalian offspring derived from single unfertilized oocytes, which was achieved by targeted DNA methylation rewriting of seven imprinting control regions. Oocyte coinjection of catalytically inactive Cas9 (dCas9)-Dnmt3a or dCpf1-Tet1 messenger RNA (mRNA) with single-guide RNAs (sgRNAs) targeting specific regions induced de novo methylation or demethylation, respectively, of the targeted region. Following parthenogenetic activation, these edited regions showed maintenance of methylation as naturally established regions during early preimplantation development. The transfer of modified parthenogenetic embryos into foster mothers resulted in significantly extended development and finally in the generation of viable full-term offspring. These data demonstrate that parthenogenesis can be achieved by targeted epigenetic rewriting of multiple critical imprinting control regions.”

Scientists Breed Jesus Mice With No Father

Viable offspring derived from single unfertilized mammalian oocytes