Bad news folks, only ONE drink per day shrinks your brain.

I know you are going to question this study, you need your evening wine and you like to get blind drunk on jello shots on the weekend, but pay attention here!

This is based on a study of 36,678 generally healthy middle-aged and older adults in the UK. I know what you are thinking – this probably doesn’t apply to Americans. That is reaching just a bit.

From the study. “Specifically, alcohol intake is negatively associated with global brain volume measures, regional gray matter volumes, and white matter microstructure. Here, we show that the negative associations between alcohol intake and brain macrostructure and microstructure are already apparent in individuals consuming an average of only one to two daily alcohol units, and become stronger as alcohol intake increases.”

So now you have to decide. Is it worth it to abstain from alcohol to keep your brain larger? Oh what the heck, you aren’t using it anyway… Read the damned study.

Associations between alcohol consumption and gray and white matter volumes in the UK Biobank