When someone has cancer and it eats through their bones, those bones have to be replace. I have a cousin whose leg bones were eaten by cancer. The bone that is left is so weak that he walks with a cane. That bone has broken several times, leaving him in tremendous pain and in the hospital for weeks at a time, even 20 years after the cancer was cured.

This report out of Australia talks about how to regrow bones using sound waves. We know that the beginnings of bones can be generated by stem cells. But stem cells, once activated have to be “trained” into the shape they need to be in, and strengthened and physically manipulated

Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia has found that sound at a certain frequencies vastly improved this process, making the stem cells turn into bone material much faster.

Hopefully you will never need this because of cancer. But then again, it could be an avenue for replacing organs in us old folks!

Sonic advance: How sound waves could help regrow bones