Tyson Fury has one more fight and then he says he will retire. He says he will come out of retirement for only one man. UFC Champ Francis Ngannou.

I guess he wants to capitalize on that “super fight” exhibition money, that guys like Conor MacGregor, Floyd Mayweather, the stupid brothers, and many others, which are often in the tens of millions of dollars.

But this is different! Before this, all of the boxers insisted on boxing rules. Do you think Conor MacGregor couldn’t take down Mayweather and pound him?

Tyson Fury is at least man enough to use the 4 oz gloves that UFC fighters use. Fury and Ngannou are both power punchers it is pretty much a guaranteed knockout.

But I need more. Fury has to at least allow kicks. Nganou is an MMA champ, why should he step into the ring with someone whose repertoire of fight is so limited and his vulnerabilities so unexploitable? It’s like playing basketball with only three pointers, when you are able to dunk.

Tyson, go the next step! Or better yet, go full MMA rules!

Tyson Fury to make ‘exception’ for Francis Ngannou crossover fight as he outlines rules