This is from the freakin’ Wall Street Journal so it has to be true.

People expressing frustration to a Democratic pollster:

“The degradation of life in L.A. is exponential, and I don’t see an end. The politicians are doofuses,” a white male voter said.

“California is the fifth-largest economy in the world. Why can’t we do anything?” a Black voter wondered.

“I run into one or two every day, and I wonder: This is someone’s son. Did he refuse help? How can you help them? We’re failing them,” a Latino voter remarked.

It is true that people are leaving California, the homelessness is epidemic.

“Don’t get into a war with the other candidates proving who is going to be the toughest person on the block when it comes to homelessness,” said longtime political strategist Darry Sragow said “I would urge a candidate for mayor to follow what you saw in the research and say, ‘It’s just not going to be solved overnight. It is a huge problem. It wasn’t created overnight. It’s not going to be solved overnight, and we need a coordinated, consistent, accountable approach to make sure that the resources that are available are used effectively.’”

Unfortunately, the articles are both from subscriber only publications. I was in Berkeley a couple of years ago, the homeless have taken over the town.

The Degradation of Life in L.A. is Exponential