I’m a huge fan of MMA and Masvidal is one of my favorite fighters. Former fighter and current big-mouthed commentator Chael Sonnen has said the Jorge’s upcoming fight with Colby Covington is a career ender. Jorge has lost his last two fights against champ Kamaru Usman, and if he doesn’t get a win, Sonnen says that should be the end of him.

Masvidal and Covington are formerly friends and apparently now enemies. Covington is ranked #1, Masvidal #6. They are both Trump fans.

If you are not family with MMA, Chael Sonnen (who has always been a big-mouth, even when he was fighting), is leading the charge to make it more like pro-wrestling. The drama is breathtaking.

Chael Sonnen credits Jorge Masvidal for accepting ‘career-ending fight’ with Colby Covington