Think about it a minute.

You can buy a drone for a few hundred buck, its programmable it will go many miles with a useful payload. By useful I mean a few pounds, good enough for an impactful amount of high explosives, or nerve gas or it can easily carry a handgun or rifle.

Plus, you can remote control them, they have video (and can have audio if you want), so you can manage a pitched battle and never be in the line of fire. If they get shot down, they are cheap, send another one.

Imagine a force of 100 drones with mounted weapons, total cost $100,000, taking on a platoon of special forces, total cost, of training and equipment probably $10 million. Asymmetric warfare anyone? Kill one soldier and it is a victory.

Now think about drones attacking a ship, perhaps with thermite. Think about $100 million Air Force Jets being swarm by slow moving drones around take off and landing.

Scary stuff, but the military will find a solution.

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