You may want to say this is fake, and the Hunter Biden is an angelic soul who has never done anything wrong. But this is from the New York Times! NYT is massively liberal and pro-Joe Biden, so if they are publishing it, then you can bet things are way worse.

The transaction in question was the $3.8 Billion purchase of a Cobalt mine by Chinese interests, through a company he founded in China.

Does anyone here believe that Hunter Biden, who has no experience in this (or any) industry would be involved in (and receive massive commissions from) a deal this large if he were not the son of Joe Biden (at the time a powerful Senator, and now of course, President)?

So in case you have not guessed, I a big ole Republican and I believe the Joe Biden is bought by the Chinese, directly and also through his son Hunter. By all means tell me to go to hell if you must!

How Hunter Biden’s Firm Helped Secure Cobalt for the Chinese