An Alaskan woman has moved her family, including her children, “off-grid” in order to protect them from and prepare them for an impending Zombie Apocalypse.

For most of us, the thought of hungry, brain-eating undead is something restricted to our TV and movie screens. However, one mom takes the possibility of a Zombie Apocalypse quite seriously. Morgan Rogue, 37, from Alaska, moved her family off-grid to help train them for a possible disaster that could result in the world ending. Morgan has been preparing for any sort of world-ending catastrophe since 2010 and already has enough canned food to last six months.

Rogue said her “prepper” lifestyle all started when she was unable to charge her phone during a brief power outage eleven years ago. It was in that moment that she realized how dire her situation would be if her electricity was permanently shut down.

So, she began to do research into ways to stay prepared, and eventually, she and her husband became involved in the prepping community – a group of people who share tips on doomsday prepping.

Initially preparing for a “Zombie Apocalypse,” Morgan began to look into other potential disasters and ensure her family was as protected as possible.

According to The Sun, as her children got older, Morgan began involving them in the lifestyle, too, encouraging them to pack their own emergency supplies and helping with food preservation. With years of experience in the prepping community, Morgan decided to take an extra step towards extreme preparedness by moving to rural Alaska in 2020 with her family to live off-grid and self-sustainably.

Their secluded home – in an undisclosed location — runs with a combination of generators and solar power, and they soon plan to introduce wind power.

The family keeps a small animal farm and is growing a garden, with plans to build a greenhouse and purchase more animals.

Currently, the family has enough dried and canned food to last them six months if a disaster were to happen today.

Morgan is also digging a well, with the aim of becoming at least 50-percent self-sufficient within the next five years.

She hopes that her children continue to appreciate the value of being prepared and shares her family’s lifestyle online to encourage others to think about how they can protect their families.

Morgan said, “The biggest reason I began prepping was because the power went out one day. My phone was low on power, and I didn’t know what I would do if I needed to charge my phone – that sent me down a rabbit hole of ideas.”

She continued, “When I first started prepping, it was specifically for one or two types of disasters, but as I continued to prep and become involved in the community, I realized that if I’m prepared for one type of emergency, I’m prepared for it all.”

“The more I started prepping, the more extensive my preps became, and the more self-reliant I wanted to become. So many things are out of our control – natural disasters, car accidents, attacks, contaminated water, and so on.”

Morgan stressed that in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic hit, people were “unprepared,” and she wants to avoid it from happening again.

Morgan and her husband have also been keen hunters for around ten years and would use their skills to feed their family in a disaster situation.

“We run on solar power, generators, and soon, wind power. We will soon have a well with a pump that will run on solar power, as well as a hand pump,” said Morgan.

“We have chickens already and are planning to acquire more animals and grow a larger garden, build a root cellar, and build a greenhouse.”

“I’m constantly working to learn new skills so that I’m less reliant on others. I hate buying bread, so I make my own, and I realized I needed to grow the grain, grind the grain, and harvest wild yeast in order to make it.”

“Preparedness is a part of my family’s everyday life. We’re all very open about whatever needs to get done. I’ve gotten my kids involved with building their own bug-out bags, as well as helping with inventory since they were born.”

“My kids bring up preparedness topics all the time – we involve them in everything we do.”

“I encourage my children to be whatever they want to be, but it’s my hope that I will instill self-reliance, self-defense, confidence, and preparedness, so they’re ready for whatever life throws at them.”

Finally, Morgan says, “Every single person can be prepared, regardless of where you live or how much money you have. It’s never too late – conquer tomorrow by preparing today.”

Another Morgan, the fictional “Morgan Jones,” one of the ultimate survivors of The Walking Dead Universe, would certainly agree with those words!