Can you implant a smart phone in your hand? The video in the article below speculates that this will be possible in the near future, thumb next to your ear and speak into your pinkie!!

Its a novel concept, and the implant is possible with current technology, sub dermal implants have long been possible, and phones are getting more and more tiny. In fact, the CIA’s technology directorate (where I worked for quite a while) has amazing futuristic technology that you wouldn’t believe. This is an interesting concept, click on the link to see the video dramatization of the implant.

However, I don’t think it will happen this way. First, it would be much better implanted next to your ear and your chin so that you don’t have to hold your hand up.  Second the upgrades would be a bitch – surgery each time? Phone manufacturers depend on planned obsolescence to make money, they won’t go for this.

Plus it also means implanted tracking device in your body that you can’t get out. Since I’m a bit of a troublemaker, I might pass…