Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of the Greek peninsula of Halkidiki lies a realm where time marches to the beat of Byzantine rhythms and women are as rare as unicorns at a hardware store. Welcome to Mount Athos, where monks lead lives so ascetic they make hermit crabs look like social butterflies. But beware, dear reader, for here, the ban on women is as entrenched as the monks’ dedication to prayer – and as enduring as their beards.

Amidst the ancient monasteries and devout monks, one rule reigns supreme: no females allowed. Not even a ladybug can scuttle across these sacred hills without raising eyebrows. It’s a land where the only feminine presence deemed acceptable is the Virgin Mary herself – and even she had to weather a storm to earn her place.


No Girls Allowed – The Greek State That Forbids Both Human and Animal Females