Move over avocado masks, there’s a new spa trend in town! Mud Facial Bar in Chicago’s River North is offering the ultimate skincare indulgence – the Breast Milk Facial. For just an extra $10, enjoy the creamy goodness of responsibly sourced breast milk mixed with white clay, promising baby-soft skin.

Inspired by mommy blogs and the unconventional uses of breast milk, Mud founder Shama Patel ensures her secret ingredient comes from local moms registered with a certified milk bank. Skeptical? According to skincare expert Elina Fedotova, breast milk’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties might just make this facial the latest skincare sensation!

Join the milky revolution at Mud Facial Bar – where the only thing curdling is skepticism! When life gives you breast milk, make a facial!


Chicago Spa Uses Breast Milk for Nutritious Facials