Ever dreamed of a cruise where clothes are optional? Well, Texas-based Bare Necessities Tour and Travel has you covered. They transform the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship into a nudist’s paradise for the ‘Big Nude Boat 2025,’ setting sail from Tampa, Florida, to explore Mexico and Honduras.

One Reddit user spilled the details, emphasizing the golden rule: no photos allowed. Clothes are a must during port stops and designated areas, but casual wear is the vibe. The cruise accommodates 2,300 passengers, with more than two in a cabin allowed, and the cost won’t break the bank.

Why bare it all? According to the Reddit hero, it’s about enjoying the freedom of the ocean, dancing under the stars, and solo beach adventures. Worried about unexpected sails in the trouser department? Fear not—it’s a non-sexual cruise, and the golden rule is to conceal, not reveal.

As bookings open for the ‘Big Nude Boat 2025,’ the question remains: Is it time to trade your traditional cruise for a clothing-optional escapade on the high seas? Bon voyage, free spirits!


Strict list of rules on 2,000 person nude cruise which costs £2K per passenger