In a world where slugs are about as adorable as a Monday morning alarm, enter the Jorunna Parva – the unexpected sea celebrities earning the title ‘sea bunnies.’ Discovered by a Japanese malacologist in 1938, these marine slugs, with their bunny-like appearance, are rewriting the slimy reputation of their species.

Last year, a viral clip from a Japanese diving school showcased the Jorunna Parva in all their underwater glory, instantly turning them into internet sensations. People worldwide couldn’t resist comparing them to Pikachu or even dubbing them ‘mochi seasoned with sesame and bunny ears.’ Move over, cute cat videos – sea bunnies are here to hop into our hearts!

Click to dive into the aquatic wonderland of Jorunna Parva, where slugs transform into sea bunnies, and cuteness conquers the depths. It’s a tale that proves sometimes the most unexpected creatures can bring smiles, giggles, and a tidal wave of internet adoration


The Internet Is Going Crazy over “Sea Bunnies”, Marine Snails with Cute Rabbit Ears