In the mystical land of Japan, where superheroes wear the cloak of compassion, meet Yukio Shige – the ‘Chotto Matte Man.’ No, he doesn’t have a cape or x-ray vision, but armed with the power of ‘chotto matte’ (hold on, wait!), this retired police officer has spent the last decade preventing suicides with a heart as big as Mount Fuji.

Patrolling the infamous Tojinbo cliffs in Fukui Prefecture, a notorious hotspot for suicides, Yukio has become the guardian angel who foiled over 500 attempts in 11 years. Equipped with binoculars and an unwavering spirit, he and his volunteer squad spot those on the brink and engage in a dialogue of hope.

What fuels Yukio’s mission? A personal loss that cut deeper than a samurai’s sword. His friend’s tragic suicide ignited a fire within him to spare others from such pain. Yukio doesn’t just say, “Chotto matte.” He shouts it, lives it, and embodies the resilience to rebuild shattered lives.

Click to dive into the heartwarming saga of ‘Chotto Matte Man,’ a hero who doesn’t just save lives but provides a second chance and a newfound purpose. It’s a tale that proves sometimes all it takes to be a superhero is a simple phrase and a whole lot of heart


Japanese Anti-Suicide Crusader Has Saved over 500 People in the Last 11 Years