In a tale that sounds like a mix between a magic trick and a bizarre science experiment, Chinese surgeons pulled off an astounding feat to save a man’s severed hand. Picture this: a hand on an ankle vacationing for a month before reuniting with its arm. Yes, you read that right!

Meet Zhou, a factory worker from Changsha, China, who faced the unfortunate fate of a severed hand due to a spinning blade mishap. Rushed to Xiangya Hospital, Dr. Tang Juyu and his team concocted a surgical masterpiece. To ensure the hand’s cells didn’t play the wrong note and die from a lack of blood, they played matchmaker by attaching it to Zhou’s ankle for a month. The result? A hand-ankle duo that’s now back where it belongs – on Zhou’s arm!

Click to dive into the hilarious, yet mind-boggling world of ankle-attached hands and surgical wizardry. It’s a story that proves when it comes to saving limbs, sometimes you need a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of ankle magic!

Doctors Save Man’s Severed Hand by Attaching it to His Leg