Ever felt overwhelmed by work? Well, meet Frederic Desnard, the Frenchman who’s flipping the script! While most of us grumble about excessive tasks, he’s taking his former employer to court for the crime of… drumroll… not giving him enough to do!

Desnard, a manager at ‘Interparfums’, suffered from what he calls ‘bore out’ between 2010 and 2014, enduring tasks completely unrelated to his job description. His complaint? ‘I was ashamed to be paid to do nothing.’

His claim hits a roadblock as the company’s lawyer questions the sudden ‘boredom’ narrative. ‘If he was twiddling his thumbs for four years, why keep him on?’ asks the skeptical attorney.

Amidst legal jargon and a €360,000 compensation bid (yep, that’s a lot of croissants), Desnard’s lawsuit introduces ‘bore out’, a term not even recognized by French law. But hey, when ‘being bored’ might just be worth a paycheck, who’s to say what’s ‘work’ anymore?


French Man Sues Former Employer Because His Job Was So Boring It Made Him Depressed