Forget choosing between a hamburger or a hotdog – now you can have both in one bun! Meet the Hamdog, the mind-bending creation of Mark Murray from Perth, Australia. This wild fast food combo packs a beef patty and a hotdog into a patented bun that’s turning heads and taste buds.

Initially laughed off on Channel 10’s Shark Tank, Mark shrugged off the doubters and is now dishing out Hamdogs in Perth. This revolutionary treat, featuring local ingredients, has tongues wagging and queues forming faster than you can say “flavor explosion!”

But the Hamdog’s success isn’t without its challenges – its unique bun requires meticulous handmade production at a Perth bakery. Still, Mark’s determined to expand and even considers gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian versions down the line.

Hungry for more on this culinary oddity? Click here to bite into the Hamdog saga and explore the mouthwatering madness behind this unconventional street food sensation!


Introducing the Hamdog – The Crazy Hamburger-Hotdog Hybrid You Never Knew You Craved